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With ILS, typical data conversion problems are a distant memory

ILS Data Conversion Supports:

  • check images
  • COLD reports
  • statements
  • document images

The ILS Difference

Our 20 years of experience and unique tools eliminate data conversion headaches.

Whether it is all your acquired data from M&A, or legacy data from a core conversion, ILS offers proven time-saving and secure features that aren’t offered anywhere else.

Image Quality Assurance Analysis

Why pay to convert imperfect image data? We find and fix your flaws during conversion.

Audit & Compliance

Date blackouts? Missing records or images? Not with ILS. We ensure and verify that all data is converted successfully.

Free & Missing

There are no data or image orphans with ILS. We help you reconcile your data so it’s more complete after conversion.

Instant Access

Maintain access to your data throughout the conversion and upload process by utilizing OmniView Browser.

Accuracy of core data conversion only offered by ILS

20 Years

ILS Team experience, ensuring the most robust approach to your project

74 TB

Total Traditional Data Conversion & Blended Approach in 2016

Data Conversions Made Simple


Meet with the ILS team to discuss your unique data needs. No data system is too outdated, too large, or too complicated for our experienced staff, and we work with nearly every core or system provider. We’ll help you choose the right solution for your data.


You’ll know exactly what to expect throughout the conversion process as our experienced team creates a customized project plan for your data conversion. You can trust our team that’s handled thousands of successful conversions.


Experience the ILS difference as we convert your data. Our advanced data conversion tools streamline the conversion process, while you stay updated with our online project management tools.

What people are saying

"Best Kept Secret"...the best company we worked with on our entire conversion process, bar none, was ILS." Bank of LuxemburgLuxemburg, WI

ILS Data Conversion

Outperforms other data conversion vendors

ILS Benefits Competitor Conversion ILS Traditional Conversion OmniView
Cost High Lower Lowest
Time High Lower Lowest
Security Somewhat Secure Secure Most Secure
Remote Conversion ? No Yes Yes
Full use during conversion ? No Yes Yes
Audit Validation ? No Yes Yes
New Features Added No No Yes

The experienced team at ILS has worked with all core providers and image system vendors.

  • fiserv
  • jack henry & associates inc.
  • fis
  • csi
  • and all others!

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Why pay more for conversion?

The OmniView Browser is as secure and compliant as traditional conversion, while being faster and less expensive. 

OmniView Browser

Still need some conversion?

Using our Blended Approach, we can convert the data you need while utilizing the OmniView Browser for older legacy/acquired data.

Blended Approach

These and other notable banks trust ILS with their data

  • Ameris Bank
  • Old National
  • Wes Banco
  • First Midwest Bank