Bob Roberts

Credit Union Sales Director 

Bob Roberts is the Credit Union Sales Director for Integrated Legacy Solutions (ILS). ILS is the leading provider of legacy image migration and conversion products and services to the financial industry.  For over 25 years Bob has focused on providing solutions to the financial industry. During this time Bob has consistently maintained strong relationships with clients and enhanced their overall experience all while still continuing to grow the enterprises he was a part of. 

Bob has held top sales positions with Brasfield Technology, Kirchman, Metavante, and Temenos. He spent over 11 years of his career with National Cash Register (NCR) and held multiple senior and executive sales management positions while there. While at each of these companies Bob always was customer minded and focused on delivering excellent service to all of his clients. 

Bob resides in Hoover, Alabama and earned a Bachelor of Investment Management and Finance from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.