ILS Increased Bank Image and Data Migration Projects 36% in 2017

Integrated Legacy Solutions (ILS), the leading provider of technology for image and data migrations and conversions to the financial services industry, increased its client projects by 36% over the previous year. 2017 also marked the fifth consecutive year the company’s growth has exceeded 35%.

The increase represents a total of 127 new client projects completed in 2017 and brings the company’s total historical client projects to nearly 500, representing nearly 305TB of data managed for customers across 36 states and the island nation of Guam. These projects include core conversions as well as image and data migrations for bank mergers and acquisitions.

Bank executives say that one of primary reasons they choose to work with ILS is the company’s tailored, strategic approach to data migration and conversion that takes the hassle out of a traditionally stressful and time-consuming process. ILS accommodates each client’s unique data management needs to complete data migration or conversion as scheduled, quickly and with minimal disruption to the client’s production environment.

“Before we partnered with ILS, we simply assumed we’d have to undergo a full conversion process to start with our new system, which was an intimidating process,” said Cassi Cline, banker at Oneonta, Ala.-based Hometown Bank. “ILS’ OmniView Browser has been a lifesaver that’s enabled us to get up and running with our new core system much sooner, more easily and more cost-effectively than if we’d gone through the full conversion while still providing us access to the legacy data we need. We love how user-friendly the system is.”

ILS’s flagship software, OmniView Browser, is the industry’s first universal image and data browser that stores the original indexes and image data unaltered and intact, just as it was originally captured. The system eliminates the need to convert legacy data in full, instead creating a long-term archive for data required only for regulatory purposes at a fraction of the cost of conversion. Nearly 52% of ILS’ growth in 2017 involved banks leveraging OmniView to streamline the data management process.

For those banks that require a full conversion, ILS offers a customized project plan that maps the data between systems to ensure financial institutions can utilize their data in full within the new platform. Many banks also choose a blended approach that utilizes both traditional data conversion and OmniView.

 “With mergers and acquisitions on the rise and more financial institutions relying on technology to help reduce cost and eliminate risk, moving the correct data to the correct systems quickly and efficiently has become a greater need within our industry,” said Kristopher Bishop, founder and president of ILS. “At ILS, data management is not just another project to us, but our profession. We truly have the expertise, tools and staff dedicated to making this difficult but crucial undertaking as quick and painless as possible for our clients.”