Rondout Saving Banks and Integrated Legacy Solutions Partner for Image Migration Projects

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Integrated Legacy Solutions (ILS), a leading provider of legacy data migration and conversion tools to the financial industry, announced today that $312 million, Kingston, N.Y.–based Rondout Savings Bank has selected its innovative OmniView TM migration software to quickly convert the bank’s existing image and data from its current systems to ILS’s OmniView system quickly and easily.

“When we began searching for a new solution that could significantly reduce our time and costs surrounding moving our banks data from the Fiserv data center to our new vendor CSI, ILS’ OmniView Browser ultimately became our best choice,” said Chery D. Bowers, chief operating officer for Rondout Savings Bank. “With ILS, we will be able to quickly and accurately convert all check images, statements and reports, an estimated 16 million items, from the Fiserv data center to OmniView without having to suffer through a traditional conversion.”

ILS’ OmniView eliminates the need for traditional data and image conversions by allowing financial institutions to research, print and email data and images from any check image, document and report system from a standard web browser without having to perform a traditional data conversion and without keeping the original system up and running. With the ability to research data and images in their original native format, OmniView enables clients to perform federated searches across multiple institutions and system archives from one universal browser without converting the data to a different format.

“Conducting data and image conversions can be an expensive, drawn out and overall frustrating process for banks,” said Kris Bishop, president of ILS. “We strive to provide financial institutions with a fast and cost-effective solution to migrate or convert data from any service provider, or system format on the market with very limited client resource or IT requirements. We handle the entire conversion or migrations process, which allows our clients, like Rondout Savings Bank, to focus on supporting customers and managing their core business.”

About Rondout Savings Bank

Established in 1868, Rondout Savings Bank is a state-chartered, mutual banking and financial services company headquartered in Kingston, New York. As of 2013, Rondout Savings Bank had over $312 million in total assets, and has provided financial services to thousands of businesses and households throughout the Hudson Valley area. Rondout Savings Bank has five locations in Kingston, West Hurley and Hyde Park, and operates divisions in asset management, personal banking and business banking. For more information, visit

About Integrated Legacy Solutions

Integrated Legacy Solutions is a Birmingham based information technology company providing financial institutions with image conversion and migration solutions remotely installed on the client’s secure network environment. With nearly 20 years of experience, ILS is able to offer innovative, one-of-a-kind products and services for data migration and conversion including traditional conversion, their revolutionary OmniView Browser, and a blended approach. For more information, visit: