With OmniView, Integrated Legacy Solutions Continues to Rise in 2017

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“The total number and size of traditional data conversion projects as well as our OmniView Browser and Blended projects, which includes converting some of the data and keeping the reminder in OmniView Browser for the long term continued high double digit growth in 2016. Our OmniView Browser, which eliminates the traditional data conversion process, continues to gain market share as banks and credit unions realize they don’t have to pay the high conversion fees and there’s a better alternative. The OmniView Browser truly is changing the way financial institutions deal with legacy vendors and their check, reports, statements and document images,” said Kris Bishop.

Integrated Legacy Solutions (ILS) is leading the industry, providing financial institutions with image and data conversion and migration solutions remotely installed on the client’s secure network environment. ILS team members have over 20 years of experience converting documents and data for more than 2000 financials institutions nationwide. ILS offers innovative, one-of-a-kind products and services for data migration and conversion including Traditional Conversion, their revolutionary OmniView Browser, and their Blended Approach.

In 2016, OmniView Browser migration projects outpaced Traditional Conversions for ILS customers for the first time, representing a growing understanding among financial institutions that the OmniView “non-conversion” option saves clients time, money, employee resources, and produce higher quality auditable results. ILS also continued to increase business, projects, and data conversions by 63%, as well as increasing the total amount of Check, Report, Statements and Document image data converted or migrated by 217%.

ILS’s continued growth and success is driven by the speed and accuracy of their traditional data conversion tools and process, as well as the extensive features and flexibility offered by the OmniView Browser. In addition, ILS offers Traditional Conversions and their unique Blended Approach solutions that are perfect for financial institutions who want to convert part or all of their legacy data. In 2016 ILS added 90 new projects, bringing their total client conversions or migrations to nearly 400 financial institutions nationwide.

Speed and accuracy aren’t the only characteristics that set ILS apart. Their flexibility and ingenuity were on display in their recent project for a $13B bank in West Virginia.“The team calls this the ‘invisible ink project’. During the initial import and conversion, we discovered that the legacy system had imprinted meta data on the documents that wasn’t visible within the documents, thus ‘invisible ink,’” says Martin Webster, ILS Director of Business Development. “We were able to develop a process for exposing the ‘invisible ink’ so it could be converted and indexed to the new system.”

With other conversion companies, a traditional data conversion takes months or even years to complete, sometimes losing valuable data, images, and indexing during the process. However, with OmniView, financial institutions are able to quickly access customers’ images, reports, documents, and statements in a matter of days, across multiple disparate systems and data types without having to keep the legacy systems around. Ultimately, ILS’s dedicated staff and innovative conversion and migration offerings help financial institutions save time and money while maintaining data security and providing enterprise wide research access to all data via a standard browser.

“We are adding new products based on customer requests and have partnered with a global financial services company to take our products to banks and data centers internationally. We are also exploring other markets like insurance, healthcare, legal and accounting,” said Kris Bishop, President & CEO of ILS in their recognition again by the Birmingham Business Journal’s “Fast Track 30.” ILS has been recognized in successive years as one of the fastest growing companies in the state.

About Integrated Legacy Solutions

Headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., Integrated Legacy Solutions (ILS) provides industry leading technology for legacy image and data migrations and conversions to the financial industry. ILS’s leadership team has performed data conversion for thousands of financial institutions over their nearly 20 years in the business. Through its flagship product, OmniView™ Browser, efficient business model and focused expertise, ILS has designed innovative ways to “migrate” legacy data much faster and less expensive than other costly and time consuming methods of data conversion. ILS’s success is focused on 3 key areas; customer service, the business (or conversion) process, and the latest technology to convert or migrate legacy systems quickly with minimal disruption to the client’s production environment.

For more information, visit: http://www.integratedlegacy.com.